ICT-INOV webinar Quantum Computing Applications for Innovation 15/5/2023

An ICT-INOV project webinar took place on May 15, 2023. The webinar focused on the applications of quantum computing in innovation contexts related to the ICT sector, for addressing computation intensive applications such as cryprography and others. The seminar was delivered by Shashidhar Ram Joshi, Dean and Professor of the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. The webinar was attended by 22 individuals.

About the presenter

Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi is the Dean and Professor of the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. His research interests include Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Particle Tracking Velocimetry and Quantum Computing. He has worked in the Institute of Engineering since 1985.

He has a BE in Electrical Engineering from REC Surat (now NIT Surat), India (1984), an MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada (1992), and a Ph.D. in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal (2007), with research conducted in Japan, Norway, and Nepal. He has been a member of the Subject Committee and Faculty Boards of different Universities in Nepal. He has been a Research Fellow in Osaka Sangyo University, Japan for one year and a Visiting Professor, South Asian University (SAARC University), India. He has been a Selection Committee member South Asian University 4 times. He has worked as a Computer Consultant in several International Agencies, Governmental and Non-Governmental sectors. He has supervised more than 60 Master’s Thesis and 2 Ph.D., 6 Ph.D. (theses in progress).

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