Key results

ICT-INOV project achievements at a glance

  • State of the art analysis on promoting innovation in ICT education see project reports
  • Methodological learning framework see project reports
  • Institutional strategies on promoting innovation skills see project reports
  • 8 labs at partner sites in Asia see the labs
  • A digital collaborative learning platform on innovation see platform. The platform was widely used. It has over 4,500 accounts, of which 4,200 are student accounts and over 360 are accounts with advanted privileges (educator)
  • 150 digital learning activities integrated in the platform, for immediate use or reuse and adaptation, exceeding proposal targets of 50 see platform see piloting
  • Engagement of over 4,200 students in 70 courses, exceeding proposal targets of reaching 1,200 students see piloting in courses
  • 2 train-the-trainer events in Porto and Hanoi, combined attendance 48 see train-the-trainer events
  • Training of over 900 educators at 12 educational organizations, exceeding proposal targets of 360 educators trained see instructor training at partner sites
  • Good practice guidelines on maximizing benefits see project reports
  • 9 webinars, exceeding proposal target of 6 see webinars
  • 23 community building/multiplier events reaching over 1,500 individuals, exceeding proposal targets of 8 events reaching 400 individuals see community building events
  • Final project conference see final conference
  • 7 scientific articles in conferences, exceeding proposal targets of 2 see articles