Specific objectives

ICT-INOV produces:

Methodological learning design

A gamified, design thinking-based learning framework that fosters innovation.

Institutional strategies and state of the art analysis of the current situation in learning for promoting the adoption of gamified design thinking at partner organizations.


Physical labs at partner universities located in Asia for promoting innovation skill development.

A gamified design thinking-based digital learning platform that fosters collaboration in design thinking contexts and promotes engagement through gamification.

Digital learning activities, integrated into the gamified digital learning platform that encourage students to think creatively through design thinking approaches.

Community building and instructor training

Community building ervents in the form of consortium wide instructor training for building a core team of individuals that can promote the adoption gamified design thinking for innovation skill development and webinars.

Instructor training at partner sites for building the capacity of participating organizations to adopt gamified design thinking for innovation skill development.

Piloting in courses for validating the proposed gamified design thinking approach.