Innovation through gamified design thinking

ICT-INOV develops innovation skills by fostering collaboration in design thinking contexts both in and outside of the classroom through a learning intervention that promotes team work, brainstorming and building on each other’s ideas from anywhere and anytime. Student engagement is further motivated through gamification elements throughout the learning process that reward current and future long-term engagement in innovation building activities through gamifing elements such as clear goals and objectives linked to the educational process, rewards, recognition, roles, team work and more.

The integrated gamified design thinking approach proposed by the project offers learning benefits on the development of theoretical knowledge linked to curricula as well as soft skills demanded by industry and society for addressing complex 21st century challenges, such as critical thinking, analytical thinking, team work, independent work, evaluation of resources and more.

ICT-INOV implementation is vertical, addressing all the elements that inhibit innovation skill development, including lack the physical instractures, lack of open educational digital services and content for innovation, and educator capacity building on adopting the proposed gamified design thinking methodology in their instructional practices. The project develops:

Innovation labs

A gamified design thinking digital learning platform and integrated digital educational activities

Instructor training

Community building