ICT-INOV lab at the University of Malaya, specifications

The design thinking lab will be integrated with th existing lab set up for active learning, which is named the Technology Enable Learning Space (TEALS). The existing lab will be upgraded to become a design thinking space that promotes innovation supporting problem discovery, problem statement definition, brainstorming, prototyping, and evaluation of solutions.

Lab specifications

The following equipment is purchased through the ICT-INOV project:

  • Robotics equipment in the form of 1 DYI robot set which will includes a laser cutter machine, aluminium kits, microcontroller development board, microcomputer, industrial controllers, industrial sensors, communication gateway, electronic measuring tools, electronic soldering equipment, and a PCB maker machine
  • Robotics equipment in the form of kits for Arduino® and Raspberry Pi®
  • 5 mobile phones (Android®, Huawei®, iPhone®), purchased through University of Malaya (not project) funds
  • 5 3D pens and digital sketch pads, including writing pads and equipment for interactive screen
  • 6 sets of motion cameras and microphones
  • 1 Macbook Air® as workstation for developing mobile interfaces based on iOS
  • 1 IMAC® as workstation
  • 1 3D printing pen with OLED display professional

The above will complement the existing lab equipment, which includes:

  • 7 islands with workstations
  • 3D printers