ICT-INOV lab at NUCES, speficiations

A new laboratory for fostering innovation skills is developed. The lab will be a co-working space for students to sit together and collaborate while they engage in problem discovery, ideation, solution synthesis and prototyping.

Lab specifications

The following equipment is purchased through ICT-INOV

  • 12 graphics drawing tablets 10×6.25in
  • 1 Snapmaker 2.0 A350 3D printer
  • 6 robotics kits in the form of Arduino® UNO R3 board with PS, adapters, connectors, board with WiFI, Bluetooth® with camera module and accessories including breadboard, JST connectors, jumper wires, ribbon cable, push buttons, swith button, LCD 20x4in, itoc module, square wave signal generator, and SD card reader module