ICT-INOV lab at Kathmandu University, specifications

ICT-INOV will upgrade the existing Active Learning Lab, which will be extended to become a design thinking lab. The existing lab is currently deployed in the context of Computer Science and other Engineering courses. Students are exposed to active and problem-based learning. The upgraded lab will now be used to develop, localize course content, and deliver fully developed courses to undergraduate students to support design thinking and gamification for building innovation skills.

Lab specifications

The following equipment is purchased through ICT-INOV:

  • 5 writting pads
  • 3 interactive display panels
  • 2 smart display panel 65inch, non-interactive
  • 1 unit of wireless microphone and speaker for conducting on-line classes and meetings
  • 1 smart pen for the interactive display panels
  • 1 EOS® M6 Mark 2 camera for communication and content development
  • 1 assembled desktop workstation INTEL® Core i9 12900k processor, MSI Z690 motherboard, 32GB DDR RAM, 1TB hardrive, 512GB NVME SSD, Gigabyte RTX 3080Ti graphics, Windows® 10 Pro, antivirus, 22” Dell® display
  • 1 Dell® gaming laptop with INTEL® Core i7 12th processor, 32GB RAM, 1TB NVME SSD, RTX3060 6GB graphics, 14” display

The above complements existing equipment, which includes:

  • 6 workstations, Windows® and Mac®
  • 1 large screen display
  • 1 multimedia projector