Data Management Systems course, Tribhuvan University

Description of the course

The course builds knowledge on fundamental concepts, theory, and practice in the design and implementation of database management systems. During the course students work on a group project in which they develop a database application, document it, and deploy it within a semester.

Description of the participants

The course is a core course in the 3rd year of studies in the  Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering program conducted by the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, IOE, TU. A total of 96 undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, IOE, TU were engaged in the course in the 2022 – 2023 academic year. ICT-INOV will be further deployed in the following academic years.

Description of gamified design thinking activities

Currently, the ICT-INOV lab is being deployed in the course. The use of the lab started in November 2022. In the future, the ICT-INOV digital learning platform will also be used on the course. The interactive digital display and digital sketchpads are being used for drawing database design models in the class. The cameras for communication are used to record the lectures for future reference.