3rd instructor training event at JVN, 7/9/2022

Date and location

The training event was organized at Innovation Hub of University of Banking on September 7, 2022.


A total of 10 participants attended the event. The participants were lecturers from the University of Banking. They deliver ICT courses in the programs of MIS and e-Commerce. They are very active and experienced in how to apply problem-based learning and gamification in classes.

Description of activities

The event had 2 main parts. In the 1st part of event the audience was familiarized on a high level with overall design thinking processes and techniques. Participants engaged in a discussion on how the design thinking process and techniques can be applied in ICT higher education to promote innovation and course effectiveness.

In the 2nd part, participants practiced design thinking on applying ICT in educational environments. The purpose of the activities was to demonstrate how to apply design thinking to solve problems during courses in the context of problem-based learning for the benefit of participating lecturers and also for the benefit of students.

The audience was encouraged to apply design thinking in real-life contexts. Participants were asked to define and solve problems in the banking environment with new IT services towards a smart bank.Participants were split into 2 groups of 5 individuals. The teams were formed randomly. Activities started with team building. Team members engaged in mini games for becoming familiar with each other and breaking the ice. Subsequently, they applied design thinking techniques, such as problem discovery, empathy, problem redefinition, ideation, idea selection, prototyping, and evaluation. Each group presented their ideas and alternative potential solutions. Teams selected a solution for prototyping and received feedback from the entire group. Team members drew their suggested solution on paper as a form of low fidelity prototype. Finally, participants discussed under the supervision of Von Neumann Institute’ presenter how to tailor the process to adapt it to different contexts in classes and subjects.

As in the earlier instructor training events, participants used ICT-INOV materials translated to Vietnamese.