3rd plenary instructor training event 31/1 – 4/2/2022

Participants work on design thinking.

Date and location

An instructor training event took place from January 31 to February 4, 2022 in Porto, Portugal.


The event was attended by 16 higher education instructors from Porto Polytechnic (Portugal), EU-Track (Italy), Tallinn University (Estonia), University of Malaya (Malaysia), University Tenaga Nasional (Malaysia), and National University of Future and Emerging Sciences (Pakistan), who will transfer the new knowledge to their organizations for capacity building on innovation.


Event agenda

The event covered fundamental principles and practical application of design thinking. Participants had the opportunity to actively engage in design thinking, following the steps of team building, problem discovery, empathy, problem-statement definition, ideation, and prototyping.

The team from Pakistan presents their solution.

Participants experienced the design thinking process from the point of view of a student and of an instructor. Throughout the event, participants deployed both off-line and on-line tools for implementing design thinking steps, including the ICT-INOV digital collaborative platform.

Participants engaged in design thinking activities on the topic of Green IT. They worked in 4 teams, each of which focused on a different aspect of Green IT, including recycling, reuse, extending the life of hardware, croudsoursing, and energy consumption reduction. The results are documented in solution posters that are available through the ICT-INOV platform and are also presented at the end of this page.

The team from Malaysia presents their solution.

Participants will transfer the knowledge and experience they developed during the event to their academic organizations, training additional groups of instructors with the objective of capacity building on innovation skill development.

Porto Polytechnic Vice Rector opened the event and received sumbolic gifts from the University of Malaya.

An on-line event took place the following week, on Feburary 10, 2022 engaging educators from Kathmandu University (Nepal), Tribhuvan University (Nepal), ISRA University (Pakistan), Hanoi University (Vietnam), και John Von Neumann Institute (Vietnam) that were not able to attend the face-to-face training due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Group photo of participants.

The activity will be complented with an additional plenary training event that will target all project partners, which will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam in June 2022.

Documents and content

The following documents and content was used during the event:

Design thinking presentation


Smartphone waste management project.
Recycling project.
Sustainable hardware project.
Croudsourcing for extending the life of hardware project.
Social networking project.
Brainstorming activities.