2nd instructor training in Italy, 4/4/2022

Location, context, time, and duration

The 2nd instructor-training event took place with other senior GC-FS Alumni – Italy senior members on April 4, 2022. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the event was organized virtually through Google® Meet.


Five higher education instructors attended the event from GC-FS Alumni of Università Degli Studi “La Sapienza”.

Description of activities

Participants had the opportunity to become familiar with the ICT-INOV project objectives, methodologies, and approaches that aim at developing innovation skills through design thinking and gamification techniques in sectors such as ICT, energy, and sustainable development.

Participants were introduced to the design thinking methodology through its key steps of team building, problem discovery, empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing. Subsequently, the participants engaged with the ICT-INOV digital learning platform and its entire functionality for managing innovation skill building activities. Participants were exposed to the platform services targeting both educators and students through practical exercises.

In relation to the educator interface, a learning scenario implemented in the ICT-INOV digital learning platform was demonstrated to explain how to manage learning activities and how to organize student work in small groups. In relation to the student services, participants became familiar with logging into the platform and joining a course and team. Examples of activities developed by ICT-INOV partners were demonstrated as good practices.

Finally, participants discussed using the ICT-INOV gamified design thinking methodology and tools with their students in their courses.

Feedback and web presence

Participants provided positive feedback on the ICT-INOV learning methodology and the platform. In fall 2022, they will deploy the ICT-INOV learning intervention with their students.

More information is available at the 2nd Instructor Training Event – ICT_INOV Project, where the presentation is also available.

The event was promoted via e-mail to the senior instructors of GC-FS Alumni, on the EU-Track web portal.