Short, preliminary plenary instructor training event, 2-3/11/2021

Location and date

An instructor training event took place in the context of the 2nd ICT-INOV consortium meeting on November 3, 2021. The event took place virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions.


The event was attended by 25 higher education instructors representing all partners.


Participants engaged in a workshop for introducing solutions on the topic of “Bringing internet to the world”. The partners were encouraged to consider how users will deploy internet solutions, for example for communication, education, crisis management, or other. The partners engaged in activities for team building related to identifying team values, problem discovery through research and establishing associations, problem statement definition in an accurate manner that allows introducing viable solutions, ideation, and prototype design. Participants used a number of tools in the form of worksheetsfor helping deploy design thinking in the classroom. The tools are available for partners for supporting their future design thinking efforts. Finally, the partners reviewed the current version of the ICT-INOV design thinking platfrom from the point of view of the student and the teacher and experienced how the results of each phase of design thinking can be published in the platform in a manner that allows team collaboration even if all individuals are not in the same room. The platform provides an tool for concurrent posting of ideas that allows team members to see in real-time any information contributed by their peers.


Workshop material