1st instructor training event at Tribhuvan University, 5/7/2022

Location, context, time, and duration

The 1st instructor training event at Tribhuvan University took place at the ICT-INOV lab in the Center for Energy Studies (CES), Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University on 5th July 2022.


The event was attended by 16 participants, including faculty members, instructors, research assistants and staff.

Description of activities

The main objective of the training was to familiarize faculty members, instructors, and staff with the equipment procured under the ICT-INOV project.

The event started with a welcome remark from the director of the Center for Energy Studies, Prof. Dr. Tri Ratna Bajracharya. Then the participants briefly introduced themselves. The director then gave an overview of the ICT-INOV project and described the equipment obtained in the project and the facilities available in the lab. He also gave an overview of design thinking, the purpose of the lab, and the objectives of the project. 

A technical session followed, which was conducted by the trainers of the equipment provider, BITS Pvt. Ltd. The trainers covered the detailed operation of the Interactive Flat Panel Display, the major equipment procured in the ICT-INOV project. They first demonstrated the basic features and functions of the interactive display that will be frequently used in classes, such as using the whiteboard, making presentations, working with office documents and multimedia files, and more. They trained the participants to use each of the features answering questions in the meantime. Second, they demonstrated more advanced features of the system, such as video conferencing, remote access, installing apps, voting, and others.

Finally, there was a detailed question and answer session with the engagement of the participants. Participants interacted among each other during lunch.

Feedback and web presence

The feedback of the participants was very positive. They demonstrated eagerness to deploy the proposed gamified design thinking methodology in the courses, including the proposed digital learning services and the lab under development.