1st instructor training event at ISRA University, 21/10/2022

Location, context, time, and duration

The 1st instructor training event was organized at the Department of Computer Science, ISRA University on October 21, 2022. The event was organized in one of the general-purpose labs of the Faculty of Engineering, Sciences, and Technology, ISRA University, Hyderabad. All faculty members of the Department of Computer Science were invited to attend the workshop. Final year students were also invited to attend. 


A total of 9 faculty members and 11 final year students of the Department of Computer Science attended the workshop.

Description of activities

The event aimed at familiarizing the faculty members and students with the design thinking process and its use in the classroom environment. The audience was exposed to the steps involved in design thinking-related activities. Faculty members were informed on how they can incorporate design thinking into their courses and day-to-day activities. Students were informed how they can decompose their final year project using design thinking steps and improve project implementation.