1st instructor training at Hanoi University, 27/5/2022

Date and location

The 1st instructor training event at Hanoi University took place at the Faculty of Information Technology on May 27, 2022.


The event was attended by 13 lecturers from the Faculty of Information and Technology, Hanoi University.

Description of activities

The event was delivered by Dr. Thang Nguyen Xuan, Dean of the Faculty and ICT-INOV project leader at Hanoi University and Ms. Nguyet Dinh Thi Minh, key staff of the project.

The event was organized in 2 main sessions. During the 1st session, Dr. Thang Nguyen Xuan introduced the ICT-INOV project to the audience. He delivered a 20-minute speech on the objectives, goals of the project as well as what has been achieved by the project team recently. Subsequently, Ms. Nguyet Dinh Thi Minh led the 2nd session by providing insight into design thinking. She shared her experience with applying design thinking in her classes in the spring 2021 semester. Finally, she introduced and demonstrated the ICT-INOV gamified design thinking learning platform and demonstrated key features, including account creation, activity creation, course creation, joining classes for students, and more.

After the demonstration, the audience was divided into teams, practicing the creation and deployment of activities on the platform.

Finally, Dr. Thang introduced the ICT-INOV design thinking lab at Hanoi University, emphasizing the objective of using it in courses in the coming semester and encouraging all lecturers to take advantage of the lab and the platform in their educational practices.

Feedback and web presence

The feedback from the audience was very positive. Participants highlighted the importance of building innovation skills among students. They further discussed the benefits of the ICT-INOV learning intervention and the digital tools developed by the project, including the digital learning platform and physical labs, towards enriching classroom interactivity and promoting student creativity.