1st instructor training event at Porto Polytechnic, 16/11/2022

1st instructor training event at Porto Polytechnic, November 16, 2022

Location, context, time, and duration

A first instructor training event will take place at the Engineering School of the Porto Polytechnic on the 16th of November of 2022. The event is scheduled to take place in a mix of theoretical and practical application.


Educators and researchers of the School of Engineering of Porto Polytechnic.

Description of activities

The event will be divided in 2 sessions. The first session will involve a presentation of theoretical concepts about active learning, design thinking, and gamification. Presentation of related projects. The 2nd session will focus on practicing the use of the ICT-INOV gamified digital learning platform. On the educator side, the audience will have the opportunity to create an activity, post instructions for students for each design thinking step, review the platform analytics, review the gamification elements that promote engagement through rewards, access the reference manual, use the calendar of activities, and more. Furthermore, the audience will see the resource library available in the platform, which includes suggested exercises for each design thinking step from which educators can select ideas for integrating into the activities they design for their students. On the student side, the audience will experience how students register to a class, join a team, and participate in design thinking by sharing ideas on a common team working space. In addition, how to ask for help by the instructor and to open the team canvas to the entire class for additional feedback, if so desired.

The audience will also become familiar with the current ICT-INOV activities developed in Portugal and in the other countries

Documents and content used

A presentation will be prepared describing design thinking and gamification in general and the ICT-INOV project objectives.

The ICT-INOV platform will be used by the participants

B.2.1.4 Feedback and dissemination

The event is promoted through a presentation on the Porto Polytechnic School of Engineering portal and through the mailing list to all the professors and researchers of the school.